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It is solved by one treatment.
It does not improve even if the trouble is heard in the hospital in the pain of the mind and the body even if the medicine is taken. It is not possible to solve it even if it consults an acquaintance.
In terms of mental problems, we provide accurate advice and coaching that suits each individual's personality.
We are teaching quick measures to deal with situations such as power harassment and abuse.
A number of reliable drawers are prepared to accommodate a variety of cases.
Please take the lesson with peace of mind.
In terms of body problems, from the medical history, we solve problems with simple treatments that break down the common fixed beliefs of patterned medical personnel and patients. Many patients wonder what it was after the pain went away.
Please feel free to accept the treatment.

a heart that doesn't get sick(Thought circuit)and the body(Rigid elastic skeleton) I'll make it.
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2019年10月18日 : Release from suffering in association with bad people
Ogaki City Male Company Employee

Two kinds of Yakara people

Because of my work, working communication with people like Yakara is essential regardless of my likes and dislikes.
But I was exhausted by maintaining a good relationship with them.
I was wondering if I should retire. I came to consult about that.
The teacher explained that there are two main types of people who are called Yakara.
One is the "Family(Yakara)The barbarism pattern that was indigenous to the region and the climate that is said to be(Bankara)people who are said to be, and the other is(Yakara)I was told that it is people who are smart about bad behavior that is said.
"The Family(Yakara)People don't think it's malicious because they don't know how crude they are rooted in the community because they don't have any experience away from where they were born and raised.
"I(Yakara)People say that they enjoy the other party flinching when the behavior is stylish.
"The Family(Yakara)I was told to treat them with generosity because they were just unconsciously doing the crude behavior they were used to in their area.
"I(Yakara)I was instructed to tell the people with courage to clearly that it does not work for me so as not to let them do such a word and behavior though it is possible to do other than that because it deliberately puts the word and the action in the secret.
The specific instruction was detailed and accurate software, and the lesson lasted more than an hour.
After practicing the teacher's guidance, they stopped taking on me or acting with pressure.
I felt a little lonely for the first time, but I was able to work in a mentally safe and sound psychological state.
Even after I came home, I was able to provide healthy family services with a smile on my face, and my family began to tell me that I became kind to my father.
Above all, my sleep became deeper.
2019年10月15日 : Genital herpes
Kyoto City Male Company Employee

I had bee needle therapy.

At first, I examined my tongue by tongue examination, had my pulse examined by pulse examination, and examined the state of immunity and the shallow deepness of the disease position.
In my case, I was taking Bartrex and applying acyclovir ointment, but most of the month had developed.
I was taught that genital herpes virus lurks in the pelvic sacrumin ganglion.
After about two hours of lying down and supine needle treatment to increase the resistance of the whole body, I received bee needle treatment.
From his experience, he had selected a considerable number of bee needles until he chose a bee needle that would adapt to me.
The teacher's bee needle treatment was very fast and ended in a few seconds.
The teacher told me that swelling of the pubic bone and the swelling of the groin lymph nodes and swelling of the skin on the sacrum are important, and that immunity is everything that you should not be bound by the state of symptoms.
I was treated twice, but my symptoms disappeared.
I was told to come to the hospital in two months.
Because the tip of the tongue, the tip of the limbs, the pubic area, and the eyeball are places where the human body stores poison, it was said that the problem will be solved if the immunity of the surrounding lymph nodes increases.
I had a bee needle treatment at high speed between the perineum and the anus called "crossing the gate of the ant".
Every time a woman had a menstrual period, she was told that her genital herpes developed, as well as PMS and ovarian cysts, and she still felt that men were mild.
I was thoroughly told that it is important to suppress the genital herpes virus with bee poison and to create a body that does not lose to genital herpes virus.
I would appreciate it if you had an expert on genital herpes in Japan.
2019年7月16日 : Television appearances
7Tuesday, June 16
Cast a nationwide NET quiz show!

It was broadcasted on TV Asahi.

2019年7月16日 : TV Appearance Sumon ZIP!
Appeared in the respondent of Yomiuri TV Quiz! !
TriviaSimple following of blood type
Why isn't ABC ABO?

Ikohagi teacher appeared!

Appearances as a commentator on blood type!

2019年6月29日 : The panic disorder caused by power harassment has been cured.
Hunan City Female Office Worker
To myself who does not give in to the other party of power harassment

My boss was pretending not to see the power harassment from the company's team reader.
I was suffering from panic disorder from the stress,
After receiving substrate cognitive therapy, my symptoms have subsided and my feelings have cleared up.

Learn the difference between your own and your partner's substrate, the difference between active and passive,
I learned how to crush the other party seriously.
I'm shocked to think that this is the opposite position.

Thanks to you, the stress at the company has completely disappeared,
There was a lot of work to be done.

Based on quality cognitive therapy(Self Cognitive Therapy:SCT)The pulpectomy-SAMA

Ikohagi method based on quality cognitive therapy to the beginning, celebrates its seventh year.

Attended with tension, such as when busting each other's and one person travelling and one person from deep and serious, but both active matrix type of stairs, go up stage of joy cannot be replaced by anything.

Grateful that I will grow each time.
Opposite their underlying quality cognitive therapy through struggle with the client will become sunny after a customer of be realistic facial expressions and changes in appearance are very glad.

Always clients who of you would want to be the breakthrough of the suffering and.

Lots of dating based on quality cognitive therapy from pleasure!

This time, production of the popular book and website, and also waiting for any meeting or so and look forward to. .


The nature of suffering and pain

-Deep complex characters can't win and can't give losing bottom
And a cheerful sense of equal and Frank nothings in the profession was jealous vigilance psychology
Hypocrites can't be good people posing as understood impatience and sense of urgency and fear and
• Deliberately pessimistic thinking and pessimistic thinking(Pessimism)Due to lack of happiness chronic
-Husband source disease monitoring, oversight and supervision to be immature husband and wife live patient endurance psychology
, Who not only love your mother and Tornado codependent event for children, wife and husband
-Imprinting from grandparents or parents who are overprotective or impregnated to consider motions rejected by evil
-A normal level shall be self denial of the harassment was born from a feeling of inferiority have come
-Narcissism shadow by intuition and charm, plays the dark wandering habit
And not be a child never dared say mother and child bonding be discarded of liars habit
-A normal life pain and play the real surface do not understand people who(Cassandra syndrome)
-Intense myriad victims of spoil, coddle gentle pampering and spoil of ideas
-Issawi befall upon equivalent dividend denial only self-interest(Evil, evil, misfortune, demon, 殃, difficult)
And all the subtleties of good and evil cannot be perceived easily against and around the fatigue of vigilance to the evil person's
-Mad psychologist pretending to be victims to arouse jealousy, attack of the expulsion and expulsion
-Feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of sense of bottomless unstoppable maki散rashi "I know Zhang.
And darkness have antisocial rage to treachery and betrayal that somebody assumes
Separation anxiety and still on the bride and bridegroom not with heart House his father and mother and brothers and sisters
And like deeds would disdain disdain health with a simple heart is important and considered moving habit
Straight neck of the cervical spine was straightened by personal computer or Smartphone
Each vertebra spinal nerves behind pressure and traction is a normal growth of spinal kyphosis and cervical spine straightens
-Hand Banzai loose, West, will not shut chubby lump tummy
-Of predatory expansion of PAC-man-like immune cells to lymph flow stuck (not possible)
• Lymph due to hardening of the lymph nodes in the Axilla or inguinal diameter around a normal retention and edema
-Loading of the disappearance of the physiology of the joints such as positive pressure negative pressure balance and weight limits exceeded
Nutrition of the nerve sheath to recover the nerve due to sustained pressure or excessive elongation or tow down.
-Due to loss of balance due to stress-induced gastrointestinal dysfunction back standing up of scoliosis
-Ankle(Peds)And bone-headed.(Elbows, arms and also)And do not develop bone edges, such as finger hypoplasia
• 1 2 cervical and occipital bone mass hardens for spinal fluid pump features gradually decreasing
-Decrease in basal metabolic age-losing sarcopenia, locomotive, and metabolic syndrome
Radial skin planing surface degradation due to adhesions after surgery Collagen fibers, fine mesh fibers and elastic fibers and fascia

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