Over my wife's death.

Shiga Prefecture Male Manager

Four years after my wife's death, I'm in an uncoestable family.

I despaired at my wife's death, hated living, and no longer had the confidence to remain the father of my two children.
I bedded to think about things I shouldn't think about.
Both children and two children were truancy.
It was driven into the mental state of the sedso, and work was finally not obtained.
At that time, I knew about active therapy and asked Dr. Kohagi for help.
The first child was a lesson and there was no truancy in a week.
The next child started the word, and this also became energetic from the next day in one lesson, and the truancy disappeared.
All of them are written one after another with the right software for the person in the notebook.
Your notes will fill up at high speed.
You will be thoroughly taught that it is not a wasted effort, but that you only lack knowledge.
In a state of ignorance that did not even know that there were rules in the way of thinking, I was just writhing in agony rather than thinking.
Wisdom and childless
Because my father was hetale, the child was tired from his father's energy.
If parents are easy, children are hard.
The parents' hearts were always made to be 100 in front of the child even if the child did not understand.
Without thinking about the child's mind, I was only through the convenience of my parents.
The resesthes came much later because the situation had improved sharply.
He taught me why I thought so.
thank you.