Genital herpes

Kyoto City Male Company Employee

I had bee needle therapy.

At first, I examined my tongue by tongue examination, had my pulse examined by pulse examination, and examined the state of immunity and the shallow deepness of the disease position.
In my case, I was taking Bartrex and applying acyclovir ointment, but most of the month had developed.
I was taught that genital herpes virus lurks in the pelvic sacrumin ganglion.
After about two hours of lying down and supine needle treatment to increase the resistance of the whole body, I received bee needle treatment.
From his experience, he had selected a considerable number of bee needles until he chose a bee needle that would adapt to me.
The teacher's bee needle treatment was very fast and ended in a few seconds.
The teacher told me that swelling of the pubic bone and the swelling of the groin lymph nodes and swelling of the skin on the sacrum are important, and that immunity is everything that you should not be bound by the state of symptoms.
I was treated twice, but my symptoms disappeared.
I was told to come to the hospital in two months.
Because the tip of the tongue, the tip of the limbs, the pubic area, and the eyeball are places where the human body stores poison, it was said that the problem will be solved if the immunity of the surrounding lymph nodes increases.
I had a bee needle treatment at high speed between the perineum and the anus called "crossing the gate of the ant".
Every time a woman had a menstrual period, she was told that her genital herpes developed, as well as PMS and ovarian cysts, and she still felt that men were mild.
I was thoroughly told that it is important to suppress the genital herpes virus with bee poison and to create a body that does not lose to genital herpes virus.
I would appreciate it if you had an expert on genital herpes in Japan.