History of development of proprietary therapy


My soft finishing, chiropractor chiropractic and acupuncture, for many years, went to work. Its goal is the removal of pain as the screams emitted by the human body. Patients complain of pain in the continuous Act of the accused who have been aware there is detailed and specific differences.
The answer arrived from the practice of those was "pain identity memories of using the human body as a result of the use of the brain and internal organs and skeleton" that.
In other words, is all the pain occurs in the human body, was the dirty body and broke the history of memory integrated.
Recognized and should be expressed as a display integrated with "fact or fiction by deflection" repeatedly "thermal poison by eating and drinking" and "corruption by" human history represented by sensitization to the substance of the human body pain and pain sensitivity.
Water occupies much of human behavior, though it causes long-term degeneration in organs and muscles, will soon have the individual is receptive to the nerve as "painful" said.

"Pain" by location "Physiology(Healthy homeostasis that would: force of homeostasis)Pathological loss of action "by the understandable and happens.
Manifesting as a reflex pain though it is overactive in many organs and functional decline had differences as muscle soreness is common sense. Also, while individual differences as the restoration after the destruction of the muscle due to muscle overuse, manifesting as a recovery of pain is common sense.
However, electrical and electronic and Ionic exponential mechanism in the electrolyte level is still a research subject.
Compress, such as "heating" and "cooling", each frequency conduction and radiation, "grinding-stroking-stil-tap-shakes-摘mamu-holds-twist-pulling, vibration.", etc. of applied mechanical stimuli, pain reliever and compress.
Physician medication, injections, contact treatment due to surgery, physical therapist, acupuncturist and soft settling nurse people among treatment workers operates daily non-end approach.
"Touch too much" is "physiological automatic recovery mechanism of the human loss" due to medical acts who are iatrogenic disease medicine source disease as to prosecution, are recent social problems.
"A bunch of degeneration of muscle" happens to result after undergoing treatment in particular repeated subcutaneous bleeding and swelling in the serum levels are severe.

Continuity of pain relief immediately after the treatment and its effects is the eternal challenge in clinical practice. Poultice and taping or sealing agents such as "percutaneous skin system approach" is, as a typical drug continued use and continues. However, if you look at the changing perspective in drug systems and mechanical stimulation treatment continuing effect that there is no proof.
Prompts that will duplicate the behavior anywhere at any time, a third-party, objective viewpoint of reproducibility and the disappearance of pain in the medical certificate. Autosuggestion is a kind of placebo effect if it cannot be proved, in the psychological effect of the counterfeit drug is considered.
When attacked by sense of loss of the self existence due to physical and emotional exhaustion from there self manifest desire want to know anyone who feels "Dar pain" the parasympathetic dominance status is a requirement for recovery from " Placebo effect "is, is not the best method of treatment would be valid.
However, if you're experiencing serious lesions to the subcutaneous tissue "dull ache deep feel" pain be torn up and be stung by pain, often.

Human pain as the accumulation of historical memory. It is born from the history and memory of the experience, brain, internal organs, muscle and bone.
Human record will be repeated inscribed, "changes in behavior" change will continue. Collectively, I described as "aging".
That can approach this part of true healing and medicine. Anything else is disabled what is. Rather than a transient drug on mechanical medicine, on the characterization continually see reason raw recovery, that is companies can approach the alkalizing effect, including "rejuvenation".
This is slang that "beautiful women, beats, my skin does not exist", but Mori right to representation.
Means of recovery is the recovery of physiological power. Even if a clear memory reset, if not, especially for skin is an important approach. Not unless they do not practice "absolute management of water and wastewater" "rejuvenation Roadtrip" from pain is a representation of the aging like wrinkles, to relaxation and relieving.
Take a pain treatment is treatment of the rejuvenation of the Organization itself.

Is that "human body causing pain has characteristics of such organizations". Medications to relieve pain, only to temporary insensibility feel so over time, pain begin to feel. But State untouched by nothing organization and characteristics of the organization does not cause pain, or reject the aggression, that is.
To come up with results that change the physiological characteristics of the Organization to external stimuli inside an organization actively cyclical response to repeat, must generate a new mechanism. I would reincarnate the tissue reaction to repeated external stimuli, like an ideal stimulus is played.
Cancer try degraded by electromagnetic wave thermal stimulation, sandwiching the cell "hyperthermia(Local hyperthermia)"The cell repair therapy, infection and fatigue damage and natural killer(NK)Cancer boost immune system attacks cells or pathogens 42 degrees 10 minutes according to the heat stress of bathing and active cell activity "stimulation(HSP:Special protein)Increase therapy ", is said to cause reactions in biological way.

I wonder if would do otherwise and no good treatment.
Our hospital is starting from here.
"Our own development therapy" began with the correlation between natural science and human, "said 00? "Start was born from the comparison process.


"Crack of Collagenous fibers, fine mesh fibers and elastic fibers and shrinking and aging and degradation.
"Ribs and fly-wheel and counterweight cylinders(Steam locomotive)」
"Perissodactyl, cloven-hoofed, human foot and body works"
Absolute difference of sick and healthy body and super human Ironman body
"The elasticity of the human body, rigidity and bongbong Koma"
"Gravitational stress antagonistic and gravity stress dispersion.
"Lymph flow and blood circulation and return return.
"Meridian(Meridian Channels)Masatsune veins, transdermal, Transcutaneous muscle(Anatomy Anatomy train Trains)And skin, and odd temporal pulse tube passage and nerve passages.



"Memories of the polymodal receptors as mediators of inflammation and pain and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
"Low-frequency electric therapy(Are)針EMT)」

These are the conception to natural science study days and led the "our own development therapy".
We are happy to introduce seminars, lectures and teaching, also.
We will continue to study.